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Who we are

Galeotti Calzature, the first footwear store just "outside the walls" of Città di Castello, is born on 1977 from a Domenico Galeotti's idea.
In the early 80s starts the collaboration with his son Giuliano, the current owner and manager of the shop.
From being just a small store in the suburban area, throughout the years, Galeotti Calzature grows up and becomes a landmark and a trend symbol.
A constant product research, a wide and updated offer and the focus on the changes in progress on the footwear world, are the factors that have contributed to the increasing success of the company.
Following this philosophy of the innovation, in 2009 Giuliano creates Gold. A welcoming, luminous and comfortable ambience where the product can be better appreciated and where the customer can find selection, expertise and a wide offer.

Since 2009 we manage our successful outlet store on eBay, where thousands of Customers have positively valued their Shopping Experience.

Contact us

Galeotti S.a.s di Galeotti Giuliano & C.
via Carducci n° 2
06012 Città di Castello, PG

Mail: info@galeotticalzature.com
Mobile: +393280696558 (What'sUp)